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ANACpedia is a database consisting of bilingual dictionaries (English-Portuguese/Portuguese-English; Spanish-Portuguese/Portuguese-Spanish; English-Spanish/Spanish-English; French-Portuguese/Portuguese-French; French-English/English-French), a monolingual dictionary in Portuguese and two lists of acronyms in Portuguese and English, developed by the Department of People Management – SGP of the Brazilian National Civil Aviation Agency - ANAC. Glossaries contain aviation terms and abbreviations commonly used in Brazil and abroad. We hope ANACpedia can assist consultants in understanding aviation terminology conveyed in texts written in English, Spanish and Portuguese.  

Information provided for some terms and acronyms result from researches developed by ANAC in partnership with the Brazilian Department of Airspace Control (DECEA).

Notice of Content
Definitions and descriptions here presented by do not represent the official interpretation or any regulatory provisions of the Agency, nor represent its official position regarding political or technical issues. Therefore, the purpose of ANACpedia is informational only and does not constitute professional advice.

Any mention of trade names registered in the definitions here presented does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by ANAC but has merely an illustrative purpose for better understanding of the concepts.

License to use

Descrição: Licença Creative Commons
The information here presented was compiled under a license of Creative Commons Atribuição/Não Comercial/Compartilha Igual 3.0 Brasil.