Training and Development

The Department of People Management (Superintendência de Gestão de Pessoas – SGP) reports directly to Director-President Marcelo Pacheco dos Guaranys and its duties and responsibilities are:

  1. Propose human resources directives and develop studies to formulate the Politics of Human Resources Management;
  2. Manage career plans and position and salary plans and evaluations of the performance of ANAC’s civil servants;
  3. Accomplish the budget and financial execution and manage the Agency's training budget;
  4. Plan, implement and evaluate training and development programmes for the Agency's civil servants;
  5. Promote training for Civil Aviation System personnel through training events promoted by ANAC, in coordination with other Departments within the Agency;
  6. Exchange knowledge and experience with teaching and research institutions, governmental organizations and private active entities in Brazil and abroad;
  7. Plan, coordinate and guide knowledge dissemination activities and manage the Agency’s bibliographic collection.

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