International Relations

The Department of International Relations (Superintendência de Relações Internacionais – SRI) reports directly to Director-Presidente Marcelo Pacheco dos Guaranys and its duties and responsibilities are:

To prepare reports and review agreements, treats, conventions and other acts related to international air transport with other countries or international organizations;

To undertake studies, propose norms and promote the implementation of rules and international recommendations regarding to international air transport;

To participate on negotiations for the celebration of treats and agreements on international air transport, observed the guidelines issued by the Council of Civil Aviation (CONAC);

To promote, together with competent organisms, the fulfillment of international acts regarding civil aviation when ratified by the Federative Republic of Brazil;
To oversight the activities of international operators acting on international air transportation with Brazil;

To advise the Board on matters related to ANAC’s representation in international organisms, particularly in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO);

To allocate designation and frequencies to Brazilian carriers to operate in the international air transport.

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