Non-scheduled Commercial Flights Authorization for Foreign Airlines

Foreign airlines intending to operate non-scheduled commercial flights into/over Brazil, including overflight and technical stop, shall make a request to ANAC, through its legal representative established in Brazil, to get authorization regarding to airport and airspace infrastructures and traffic rights.

ANAC requires the following documents of a foreign company:

  • A power of attorney consularized, translated to portuguese and notarized in Brazil, authorizing a legal representative established in Brazil to represent the company before the Brazilian Aviation Authorities;
  • Copy of the following documents to be sent by e-mail (the legal representative must send to ANAC):

    • AOC – Air Operator’s Certificate
    • OPS SPECS – Operations Specifications (in English or Spanish)
    • Certificate of Insurance
    • Aircraft Exchange Agreement (If applicable)
    • Order of approval of Operator Security Programme in Brazil or statement issued by a Civil Aviation Authority from a signatory State of ICAO, stating that the operator have established, implemented and maintained a written Operator Security Programme.

    For operations into coordinated airports in Brazil, where a legislated slot scheme is in place, time slot clearances must be obtained from ANAC Slot Coordination before requesting flight authorization. Please click here to get more information about slots.

    For further information about non-scheduled commercial flights, please contact operacoes.naoregulares@anac.gov.br


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