Airport Infrastructure

The Department of Airport Infrastructure (Superintendência de Infraestrutura Aeroportuária – SIA) has responsibilities related to aerodromes concerning planning, safety, security and airport inspection. In the sense of dealing with its duties, the office is structured as follows:

Engineering Division (Gerência de Engenharia de Infreaestrutura Aeroportuária – GENG) Development of studies and technical guidelines concerning the improvement capacity of airport infrastructure, with programs to enhance the Brazilian aerodromes’ system, and the establishment of standards and rules for airport design and master plans. The Engineering Division is also responsible for keeping Brazilian aerodromes database updated. Operations Division (Gerência de Operações Aeronáuticas e Aeroportuárias – GOPS)

Establishment of safety standards, rules, guidelines and inspections related to aerodromes operations, maintenance, emergency response and safety management systems (SMS). It is also responsible for conducting airport operational certification process. Activities comprise analysis of operational safety on airports during construction, aerodrome manuals and plans, NOTAM request and certification of firefighting training centers.

Facilitation and Security Division (Gerência de Facilitação do Transporte Aéreo e Segurança da Aviação Civil Contra Atos de Interferência Ilícita – GFSI) Establishment of technical guidelines, standards and rules for all aspects related to air transport facilitation and security against unlawful acts. This division is also responsible for regulating airlines, airport and cargo operators, airport services, besides aviation security training centers.

Privatized Airports Branch (Gerência Técnica de Coordenação de Concessões – GTCC) Coordination of actions concerning the privatized airport infrastructure, teaming with other ANAC branches. Up to date there are four major airports operated by the private sector – one of them under construction. GTCC is in charge of the management of the contract on the issues related to Airport Infrastructure and works along with the technical branches (GENG, GOPS, GFSI) checking compliance, investment triggers, airport infrastructure expansions and follows the operational airport transfer processes.

Airport Fiscalization Division (Gerência de Fiscalização Aeroportuária – GFIS) Coordination of all activities concerning on-site inspections of Brazilian aerodromes, going from staff planning to the closing of post-inspection activities. Regulations, Standards and Systems Division (Gerência de Normas, Padrões e Sistemas – GNPS): Planning, coordination and support of activities related to studies, proposition of normative acts projects or issuance of opinion on matters for the Airport Infrastructure office, including quality control of normative acts proposed. Identification, management, standardization, audit, improvement and communication of the work processes within the office as well as creation of systems to support management.

Urban Relations and Environment Section (Divisão de Relações Urbanas e Meio Ambiente - DRUM): Development of studies, analysis and technical guidelines concerning the regulation of aircraft noise and wildlife hazard at airports. Additionally, the section advises the Airport Infrastructure office on issues related to the development of airport infrastructure in accordance with the environmental standards, promoting sustainable development of civil aviation.

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