Aeronautical Services

The duties and responsibilities of the Department of Economic Regulation and Market Monitoring (Superintendência de Regulação Econômica e Acompanhamento de Mercado - SRE) are distributed among 6 divisions:

Air Services Granting Division (Gerência de Outorgas de Serviços Aéreos - GEOS)

This division is responsible for analyzing authorization requests made by domestic and foreign air carriers to explore scheduled and non-scheduled air transportation services in Brazil, as well as for supervising the establishment acts, proceeding to cancellation of authorization, when necessary.

Norms and Projects Division (Gerência de Normas e Projetos - GNOP)

This is the Project Management Office, responsible for developing the department methodologies and standards and managing both technical and legislation projects. Besides the management, the division also contributes with knowledge on rulemaking.

Statistical Analysis and Market Monitoring Division (Gerência de Análise Estatística e Acompanhamento de Mercado – GEAC)

Receives, analyzes, treats and publishes statistical and economical information regarding air transport market, including its metrics of regularity, punctuality and operational efficiency. The division also carries out studies and projections for the market.

Economic Regulation Division (Gerência de Regulação Econômica – GERE)

The main activities of the Economic Regulation Division are to monitor and supervise air carriers’ economic and financial metrics; supervise and analyze interactions of market agents regarding factors affecting competition; prepare studies on the economic regulation of airport infrastructure; propose the setting, revision and readjustment, as well as the criteria for airport charges.

Air Services Operations Division (Gerência de Operações de Serviços Aéreos – GOPE)

This division is responsible for proposing regulation on air service operations, authorizing and monitoring scheduled and non-scheduled public air transportation operations, both domestic and international. Its main activity is to guarantee that authorized domestic air services companies will operate any route, once there is infrastructure capacity to provide adequate service, and that authorized international companies will operate any route under the same infrastructure conditions as long as it is approved in agreements between countries. The division participates at Scheduling Conferences provided by IATA for slot coordination at congested airports and is also responsible for the Collaboration Decision Office, which supervises in real time the air operations in Brazil, keeping ANAC informed about changes in scheduled air services.

Inspections Division (Gerência de Fiscalização – GFIS)

The Inspections Division is responsible for supervising the general conditions of the services provided by air carriers, including the transportation of passengers. The main focus of this division is to assure quality, regularity and punctuality on the provision of public services, specially related to assistance offered to passenger on the event of flight delays or cancellations.

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