Accident Prevention

Safety Analysis and Research
The Safety Analysis and Research Branch is responsible for:

  1. Monitoring compliance within ANAC of the safety recommendations issued by the Brazilian accident and incident investigation authority;
  2. Addressing issues pertaining to the ANAC’s interface with the Brazilian accident and incident investigation authority;
  3. Advising the Board and Departments on matters which regard to the Brazilian state safety programme.

In the development of its activities, the Safety Analysis and Research Branch have its Aeronautical Risk Control Office and its Safety Research and Trend Analysis Office.
The main activities of the Aeronautical Risk Control Office are:

  1. to monitor the effectiveness of the safety management processes;
  2. to control and consolidate the database for safety risk management;
  3. to manage actions aimed at mitigating the risks identified in safety reports, safety recommendations and information on accidents and incidents.

The main activities of the Safety Research and Trend Analysis Office are:

  1. to analyze safety and efficiency indicators, targets and trends;
  2. to research and analyze safety events;
  3. to produce reports and studies that contribute to the decisions of the Board and Departments in subjects related to safety management.

Safety Analysis and Research >> Statistics
The Agency used data obtained from the Center for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (CENIPA) and ANAC.
These statistics do not include occurrences associated with acts of unlawful interference, experimental aircraft, civil aircraft registered abroad of Brazil, and others involving public safety and civil defense operation according to RBAC 91, subpart k, flight in special conditions (91.961).

Safety Analysis and Research >> Annual Safety Report
Searching for continuous improvement of the Civil Aviation Safety in Brazil, ANAC releases its second Annual Safety Report. This report presents safety data, projections and goals, in Brazil and abroad, to make interpretation of the safety current situation of the Brazilian civil aviation, allowing comparisons with other countries and regions to be made.

    1. Annual Safety Report 2009

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