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Aeronautical Products (Details)
 Basic Model (Type): PC-12/47 (Airplane)
Classification 1:  L1T  (Landplane with one turboprop engine)
ICAO Designation:  PC12
Military Designation:  -
    Remarks about the serial numbers of the Certificated model (if certificated)
Serial Number:  -
Comercial Desig.:  -
TC Holder:   PILATUS AIRCRAFT LTD (PILATUS)  -  14 Dec. 2005
Manufacturer:   PILATUS AIRCRAFT LTD (PILATUS)  -  22 Sep. 2004
    TCDS issued by the Primary Authority (if is not a Brazilian product)
TCDS Rmks:  -
Certification Basis:  -
Remarks:  -
    Category and configuration in which the model is Certificated (if certificated)
Certification Category:  NORMAL (N) - Certification date not noticed
   Configurations / Variants / SB Acomplishment
  Description:  -
Acft Class:  Airplane
MTOW (Slipstream) 4740 kg  (L) Min. Crew:  1 Max. Pax.:  9
Engine(s):  PW PT6A-67B; -67P
Propeller(s):  Hartzell HC-E4A-3D; E10477K
Last Modified: 21 June 2017

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